Science & Technology Competition

Robot Fun!

As part of our Science and Technology Exhibition at Garioch Heritage Centre (tickets can be purchased here), we’re offering young folk the chance to win prizes for inventing robots or inventing stories about robots!

There are two options for the competition for age groups up to 7, and 7 upwards and two exciting robotic prizes up for grabs.

The competitions open at 5pm on Saturday 17th October 2020 and close at 5pm on Thursday 19th November 2020 with winners being announced on Saturday 21st November 2020. Entries can be emailed to with the subject ROBOT COMPETITION, or dropped into the Centre. Please include the name of the young person, their age, and a telephone number or email address on which you can be contacted.

The challenges

Challenge 1 – Design a robot

For young people up to 7 years old.

Do you have the imagination to draw a winning robot design?

Draw a robot you’d like to see in the future for a chance to win a fantastic prize.

Your robot could do any task or job you can think of – the only limit is your imagination!

When you are drawing your robot idea, think about what it can do, who might use it, how it will behave, and what special parts it will need. Make sure you label your drawing with these important features. You’ll need to wow the judges with your creative idea.

Challenge 2 – Once upon a robot

For young people over 7 years old.

Do you have the creativity to write a great robot story?

We’re looking for exciting short stories featuring robots for a chance to win a fantastic prize.

This is your chance you show off your creativity and take the readers on an adventure into the world of robotics and intelligent machines.

You’ll need to use your imagination to create believable characters and a compelling plot.

Your short story can feature any kind of robot you can dream up, and could take place on Earth, in space or even on another planet!

Think about whether your story is set in the present day, the future, or perhaps the past. What challenges will your character’s face? How will the adventure end?

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