Garioch Heritage 50/50 Club

We need YOU, because…

The Garioch Heritage Society now owns the Garioch Heritage Centre premises.  Thanks to the reserves built up over the years of fund-raising since the Society was founded in 1987, plus the generosity of the owners selling at current valuation (far, far less than the cost of development) and with a large grant from the Scottish Land Fund, the Garioch Heritage Society was able to buy the centre, securing its continuing existence.

This is an amazing achievement, the challenge now is to make the Centre financially self-sustaining and no longer dependent on one-off donations from our supporters or on a large annual grant from the Society to make ends meet – particularly as the Society’s reserves have been depleted by the purchase.  

Owning the Centre will open up some sources of grant assistance to help maintain, expand and improve all that has been achieved at the Centre so far, but we need to generate an income from all sources of at least £3,000 a month – no mean feat, but certainly do-able.  You can help by supporting our newly constituted Garioch Heritage Centre 50/50 Club.   This is a private lottery and is open to all members, friends and supporters of the Garioch Heritage Society who are aged 16 or over.   

Setting up a Standing Order payment to the Garioch Heritage Centre 50/50 Club account of £5 per month (or £15 per quarter or £60 per annum if you prefer) entitles you to a number in a monthly draw and the chance to win a cash prize.  Number holders will be allocated a number for every £5 per month they pay into the 50/50 Fund and their number (or numbers – you may hold as many numbers as you wish) will go into a monthly draw for a cash prize.  

Half of the money raised goes towards the upkeep of the Centre and half is used as prize money – hence the “50/50” Club.  The more numbers taken, the better the reward for both the Centre and the prize winners!  Follow the link below to complete an application form and find information about setting up a standing order.

A well-supported Club will mean a dependable steady income for the Centre. 

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