Borrow Boxes

Borrow Boxes are available to borrow free of charge (£20 refundable deposit applies) from Garioch Heritage Centre and use in the classroom or within reminiscence groups.

Our Borrow Boxes consist of an old suitcase, lined with foam and a variety of small and easy to handle artefacts.

The Borrow Boxes have been prepared with the Curriculum for Excellence in mind.

How to book?

Please email Garioch Heritage Centre to book a Borrow Box, using the form here.

Please read our T&C’s and our handling policy for the Borrow Boxes.

The Borrow Boxes have to be picked up from Garioch Heritage Centre and then returned here. We do not send out Borrow Boxes in the mail.

Available Borrow Boxes

We have 5 Borrow Boxes, each available on loan for a three week period. We are constantly adding new boxes to our collection.

Our current boxes cover:

  • Lighting
  • Education
  • Kitchen
  • Post – weights
  • Laundry
  • Playtime

If you do not see a Borrow Box which suits your needs please let us know. It may be that we can make one up for you from our large store of artefacts.

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